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Not sure where to post this so move it if I'm in the wrong.

I was wondering if any of you knew any company that did custom products? I've been searching for something in particular but can't find what I'm after and i guess it doesn't exist.

I'm after a HDMI to Audio decoder, however i'm after something like a HDMI 2in 1out with 7.1 analog audio out. (3.5mm pref, RCA's are fine, want to use the Razer Tiamat true 7.1 headset with it once that gets released.) However i wanted to hear the audio from both sources at the

same time so that the only thing being switched is the visual

(connecting a xbox and a pc to it). aditionally I also wanted to wack

in a 2.5mm xbox live chat port and a 3.5mm mic port to connect to the

xbox port, with the audio then connected to the L/R channels. Also a

mix knob to balance the audio signal between one of the HDMI ports and

the xbox chat port but i could mod that possibly myself.

All help is appreciated.


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