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Custom Replay Zones?

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How do replay zones work - does each show have a list of keywords associated with it, or are there master-zone-show lists that come from the server? In either case, is it possible to add new zones, or remove shows from existing ones, other than using the search function?
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for feedback on replay zones:

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Not customizeable AFAIK. I'd say there are around 300 of them.

For example select westerns...it searches the listings and displays all the westerns coming up in chronolgical order. You can create a western zone channel, or you can scroll thru the list of all the shows and select particular shows to record.
i think you'll find zones are pretty much worthless - original idea was for it to be a revenue generator

i've never used zones in almost 2 years of using my replays, other than 2-4-3 replay zones, 4-1-1 replay zones, etc
Well, I do like the idea of zones. For example, choosing ****-sci-fi movies or something will consistently (if infrequently) find me some good movies I would have otherwise missed. I don't want just an expenive vcr or time shifter, ideally I'd like it to find new content for me as well. The problem is that other zones will give me an even mix of good stuff and garbage, lessening their usefullness. It would be nice if I could tell it to stop recording the mighty morphin power rangers (for instance) in whatever zone I have selected that keeps recording them. I suppose if I could X-off shows I don't like just like I can X-off channels I don't get, it would be a step in the right direction.
Each show has a list of 'suzuki ID numbers' (I don't know where the 'suzuki' comes from). Each zone corresponds to a suzuki ID, but some suzuki IDs don't (currently?) have corresponding Zones. Some of those are zones that were for demos or have been phased out, but others are for other things -- there's a range used for the pause ad system, apparently intended to support targeted advertising, and another range for PPV shows for unknown purposes.

A list of all the Suzuki IDs I've seen, along with the corresponding Zone names for ones that have them, and guesses as to meanings for the rest, are at http://www.molehill.org/twiki/bin/vi...lay/SuzukiCode .

I like the zones, myself. I have large non-guaranteed channels for film noir, **** films, and series premiere zones.
I've got digital TWC cable with about a zillion channels, and I find the zones for four and 3.5 star movies to be incredibly useful as a way to see what high quality movies will be coming up. (I use it for searching rather than setting up a zone theme.)
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