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Hey guys,

I have a new 65VT25 that's gone through the 100 hr burn-in and calibrated using D-Nice's settings. I had noticed some buzz from the plasma when it was cycling through the slides, but I was hoping future mods (calibration and foam on walls) would minimize it. It did, I guess, to some extent. I can't hear it over the sound of a normal movie, etc., but when media menus are displayed, it's very annoying. And I can imagine what it would sound like with a movie like Fargo of something.

Has anyone managed to tame the buzz? I've read several posts about buzzing problems, and mine appears to be the 'normal' plasma buzz, so I don't see a tech being able to fix it...

My plasma is wall mounted with a 'tilt-mount', so it probably sits 3-4" from the wall. I was thinking of putting 1" pyramid foam tiles behind it, to cut down the reflected noise. There's still a buzzing noise coming from the front though when the screen is really bright.

I'm also using a PSAudio Duet for the TV, and the same AC circuit also has the Amp and PC behind an APC S20BLK. So the power *should* be fairly clean...

Any thoughts?


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