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Cutting the power?

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Hi all,

So we're building a new house, and I've got my new (to me) Marquee 8500 to grace the new theater room. One of the issues I'm thinking about is how to control power for the projector.

The obvious solution, of course, is to use the power button on the remote.

On the other hand, I think that's the *only* think we'd need the Marquee remote for on a regular basis. If we could eliminate the need to use the power button, we could put that remote away; fewer remotes = higher wife acceptance factor.

So, the other thought I had was, I'm already having the electrician put an outlet in the ceiling near where the projector mount will go. Maybe I could have him wire one of the sockets through a switch on the wall, like a light switch, but for the projector instead of the lights. Hitting a switch on the wall on your way in or out of the theater room would have a slightly better WAF than having to mess with the remote.

So, questions:

- Would this be bad for the projector? It wouldn't be any worse than unplugging it, but maybe there's a problem with cutting the power without first putting the projector in standby?

- Can a Marquee be configured to skip standby when it's plugged back in, so that flipping a switch on the wall would start it right into displaying video?

I'd fiddle around to figure that second question out myself, but I'm currently conditioning my shiny new green tube so I won't be able to do much with the projector this next week... :)


- Josh
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On my GP I once had a power loss while the PJ was running because someone fell over the power cord.

It left a nice black spot in the phosphor of my pristine red tube...


There is a setting in the menus on the Marquee that allow for a instant power on when power is applied. This was a big selling point to the schools in our area. Didn't need a remote. Just a built in interface in the wall and a projector. Look under the utilities menu at the preferences(number 5) then select auto power up (number 1). The hard powering on and off of the projectors never caused a problem in any of the projectors I had to deal with.

josh, I've read both on this item. Many refer to applications where the power is cut to the units by switches, powerbars, etc, but I also remember Tim or someone very trusted mentioning that it's a bad idea to just yank the power cord (same thing as a switch) on a running marquee as it could ruin the HVPS? Or at least it would be a bigger risk?

Can you instead use some kind of universal remote with your marquee?

I'm somewhat curious for a definitive answer on this one myself actually. I've always refrained from unplugging my marquee while on, but the remote doesn't bother me at all. Sometimes I'll unplug it because the LVPS fans bother me, but it's off when i do that.
A universal remote would be an option, though that would be another expense and I've yet to see one I really like. As it is, though, apart from the projector remote, I think I may have it down to just the MCE remote for my HTPC. (My only sources outside the HTPC are consoles, and I should be able to run their sound through the HTPC's mixer, and use an automatic switch for the video, and use the HTPC's volume control to eliminate the need to change volume on the receiver most of the time...)

Anyway, if anyone out there knows anything definitive on this, I'd love to know. I'm heartened to hear Eric's positive report, though. :)
Different PJ, I know, but just for info. I use an X-10 Appliance Plug (would be the same as using a hard wired switch) to power on/off my Sony 1031Q. Been doing this for about 4 months now, with no problems. Before I started doing this I would manually press the 2 power buttons on the PJ (a real hassle since it's ceiling mounted) (the 1031Q has NO wireless remote). In another thread Curt Palme stated he did this regularly in bar installs with no bad results. If it's good enough for Curt it's good enough for me.
IF you are handy with a solder iron. Just get a momentary switch and run it to the built in remote and just solder to the leads on the power button on the remote. Then you can place the new momentary switch where ever and turn the projector on and off from there....
Originally posted by eeevans37
IF you are handy with a solder iron. Just get a momentary switch and run it to the built in remote and just solder to the leads on the power button on the remote. Then you can place the new momentary switch where ever and turn the projector on and off from there....
I'd be as likely as not to ruin my Marquee remote. :) I *could* get a cheap universal remote and try it with that though. But, from the sound of it, I think I'll go with the light switch idea; it's a much simpler solution.

Unless I come up with a better idea between now and January, of course. :) (when the house is finished)
I turn my PG on with a power relay switched by my AV receiver. Never a problem with tube burn. I prefer NOT to leave the projector in stand-by since it is not affected by power problems when it is completely off.


Do you also turn it off by that relay while it is full running (not stnadby)

If the power is interrupted while a projector is running what do you do ? I mean, there is absolutely no way you can predict these things.....

If something happens to the projector, do you file charges against the power company ? Or your insurance company ? Both are likely to laugh their heads off.....
Some weeks ago there were some threads about UPS...

try a pronto remote from ebay. it will have all kinds of other advantages too
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