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Cyan "stuck" pixel on Sony kp46wt500 - advice?

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Hey, I thought only DLPs got stuck pixels :)

Seriously, I just bought the Sony 46" RPTV and it seems to have a singular "pixel" sized spot that is consistently shades of Cyan. My guess is that I'm seeing a manufacturing defect / speck of dust on the surface of the red CRT lens that is blocking all/most of the red hue (blue+green=cyan). Here are two snapshots:


I spoke with the local salesman today, and he's having a tech look at the snaps and tomorrow they'll call about how to tackle the problem. I'm a 75 minute drive away, so I thought I'd make the above snaps for them to speed up the process.

My questions are:

Is this a common problem?

If so, what are the typical remedies?

I've had the set for less than 7 days and the problem has been there since day one; is it reasonable to expect a complete replacement instead of a repair?

If it's just a speck of dust that can be cleaned from the lens, is this something that they have to do at the shop, or can they do it in my living room?


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Bad news is on the way for you, as the spot you are seeing is a phosphor burn. Be prepared for the repairman to either tell you that all three crt's are in need of replacement or get with the place you bought it from for swap out. The recent Sony product line has had a problem with "flicker" that if not corrected within few weeks of use will cause permanent damage "burn in" to the crt's.

Wish I could tell you something minor is wrong but this is not the case.

Sean ---

what happened?

Thanks for asking!

It turned out to be phosphor burn, smaller than a pinpoint in the red CRT! The technician guessed it was a manufacturing defect, and predicted that the whole CRT would have eventually degraded quickly!

A new CRT was ordered and installed within 7 days of my problem report. I was fortunate to have purchased the set from a locally owned dealer, and was treated very well!

The kp46wt500 is perfect now! A useful bit of knowledge that the tech relayed is that the CRTs are Panasonic! Might explain why this model wasn't affected by the flicker problem noticed in some 51" Sonys (and the reason why the 46" seems to get better reviews than the 51"?)

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I'm seriously considering getting one soon.

The best price in town was $1,799 with a free stand, a free DVD player, and a 2 year warranty (instead of one year).

I'd like to pay less, but these are all local brick and mortar stores.

Glad to hear your problem was handled okay!
That's a sweet deal! I paid that much and didn't get the DVD player. Definitely get the stand, because unless you'll be doing DIY you'll need it because nobody sells a 11 1/2" tall stand :)

I'm designing a wall unit for the 46:


It's definitely not "there" yet, but i've been having fun with Lightwave (which I normally use for work, this time for fun!).

You really can't go wrong with the Sony 46". Great features that aren't immediately apparent when you're looking at it in the store:

It's got awesome zoom-able PIP w/ freeze frame. You can name the inputs, and disable any of them from appearing during "tv/video" button presses. The service menu is readibly available and documented at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sonyhs10/ along with red-push and softness tweaks. You can disable the speakers in the user menu (if you have a home theater sound system). The TV has audio input and output, useful for certain configurations. It has DVI for future toys. The remote is very nice if you have other Sony equipment (the top flips up like a cel phone, exposing sony home theater controls).

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Sean, thanks for the words of encouragement. I got the approval from my wife... now I just have to do some haggling.

You seem very happy with your PJ.

I'm looking for a TV with HD qualities that I can use in my family room/ home theater with lots of light. I cannot control for light, and my CRT front PJ doesn't work well in the day time. It doesn't get dark until nearly 10 pm in the summer, and so I can't use my PJ.

In other words... I need a TV that can work in the day time, but one that is not so big that it overpowers my room. I already have a PJ that over powers the room!
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