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The CYBERDYNE CINEMA, if our schedule holds, will have it's premiere opening in mid May. This date will depend on many factors....mostly cash flow and product delivery.

Only a handful of people have been privy to even LOOK into the cinema, let alone see it in action.

The first guests will be middle class adult couples...so a movie that will appeal to both sexes would make the experience more enjoyable to all. That, however, is not mandatory.

The guests will be treated to soft drinks and alcohol from the bar, also typical cinema candies and fresh popcorn from a commercial popper will be provided.

The guests will also be entertained by currently released movie trailers, then a professionally customized CYBERDYNE CINEMA introduction disc prior to the featured movie, in which you here at AVS will assist in picking out.

Also, I am able to preview DVD's a week or two in advance of street date release. So, unless the guests have seen the movie at the local cineplex, this will be a first-run film for them....most likely myself as well.

So, please view the movies from the links below and reply with your pick or picks of the bunch.


PS: Clicking on the DVD covers will give you a brief synopsis of the movie.

Thank you in advance!
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