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Cyberlink H.264 decoder not ouputing full resolution to VMR in Zoomplayer?

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I am trying to playback a 1080p MKV file (H.264 encoded) through ZoomPlayer using the Cyberlink H.264 directshow decoder that installs with PowerDVD Ultra version 7.3.

The video plays just fine using my custom graph in Zoom, but for some reason the Cyberlink decoder is not outputing the full resolution to the video renderer. It is only passing 480p??

Is the cyberlink decoder somehow crippled when it runs outside of PowerDVD?

Also if my video card supports it can I expect to get hardware acceleration for VC-1 and H.264 when using the Cyberlink decoders outside of PowerDVD....ie like using them in Zoomplayer?


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