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some minor questions

I switched my sound card out from my asus xonar d2x to the onboard realtek 898 because its on the supported list of sound cards for hd audio output

I was just wondering is there anything specific i need to do? i plugged in everything correctly realtek shows i have 7.1 system. powerdvd settings are set as "current system settings (8 speakers) and output mode "no effect" . On my computer settings i have it set at 24 bit 192hz.

If i were to play a blu ray will it be playing loss less 48/24 vs being downsampled on my xonar to 48/16. ?

Is there any programs i can run to check if its actaully 48 hz 24 bits? on my receiver it just says multichannel in... since its just being a passthrough. How do i know the movie is playing DTS HD MA 7.1 ?

im going to test it tomorrow with avatar thanks
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