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As the D-ILA sync problem thread seems to have lost its audience, but not its auspices, I'll reintroduce the now more refined situtaion in the hope of marshalling some further help.

To recap quickly, the sync problem is basically a very slow sync (6-7 minutes) at the SXGA resolution (but not at other resolutions). It is not isolated but it seems to be rare with only 2 cases coming out of the woodwork. It seems to be an issue with the projector itself. It seems to be thermal in nature and disappears when the projector has warmed up.

A solution in one case (where the Faroudja scaler allows such adjustments) has been to c sync on h as opposed to v and h sync. Unfortunately, in the other case, I have not been able to figure out how to make this adjustment via my HTPC (using Gainward Twinview card).

Any help or further insights into the nature of this annoying problem is appreciated.



The HT-2-B

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