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D-ila picture looks washed out!

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I have a Dukane Image Pro 9000 D-ila (JVC clone), that I am running via a HTPC, running xp pro, 1.5 ghz, 640 mb ram, using ATI Radeon AIW 7500, Powerstrip, Theater Tek 2.10, My HD 120. HD looks fine, but it seems the picuture -when looking at web pages or looking at DVD Menus - is just not very sharp at all. The text just looks blurry and as I said web pages look very unsharp as well.. I have 20/20 vision, so it is not my eyes...

How can I sharpen things up on my picture??? I am not sure what to adjust!!!

As I said, HD (football) looks very crisp, but then again watching CSI in HD looks very soft as well .

BTW: the bulb has over 900 hours on it and I just ordered a new 500w Cermax bulb. Would the bulb help at all ( I did not think so....)

Does anyone have any suggestions? THanks alot for your help!

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My old JVC DLA-G1000 had a bulb life on 1000 hours. While Xenon bulbs are supposed to have a more constant decrease, I suspect the 900 hours is probably pushing it a bit.

The old DILAs were good machines for their time, and if you got the DILARD tool, it should still be comparable to the newer machines.

I got the DLA-G1000 used (with abt 100 hours clocked) three years ago for abt the same price as my latest Panasonic AE700 (bought abt 3 months ago). And the AE700 looks significantly better in almost all aspects, detail, brightness and contrast, colors etc. If I had to make the choice now, I know I'd plonk for the AE700!
I do the same as you, drive the projector from a PC. You aren't running the projector above its native resolution? Are you using any keystoning at all? Either one of them will degrade image quality, and that is especially noticeable on text.

Just something to look at.

Thanks for your replies. I am running it through powerstrip at 1360x1024 which is its native respolution. The center of my lens is exactly at the top of my screen so no keystoning either...
Bummer. Was hoping to have a quick fix for you.... Looks like your projector is from '99. Maybe this is as good as it gets?

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