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D-ILA Serial connector to S-Video for Dilard

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When I was wiring my home theater I decided to run every type of cable I could think of to my projector before I drywalled. I ran 2 VGA, 1 Composite, 1 S-Video, & Power.

Drywall, Tape, Mud, Paint....Doh!!

Silly me I forgot to run a serial cable (for Dilard). It would be pretty much impossible to run a serial cable now (due to a very convoluted cable path).

After much debate, I decided to use one of the cables I already have there. Since the internal scaler in my D-ILA sucks, I don't really have plans to use the S-Video cable. Here is my question:

From what I understand, RS-232 can work with as few as 4 wires. Two questions: Can Dilard communicate with my HTPC with only 4 wires? And, which four wires? I know Send, Transmit, and Ground are required, but what should I connect the fourth wire to?

As unlikely as it sounds, does anybody make an S-Video to RS-232 (9 Pin) adapter? Actually S-Video and Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) are the same connector, so maybe somebody makes a Female ADB to Female RS-232.




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Found this in the Dilard FAQ at www.dilard.com

Q: "What type of cable do I need to run Dilard?"

A: You will need a null modem or full modem cable to run Dilard

This is a relatively simple cable that you can build yourself, if you wish. The brief cable schematic is here (thanks to Kevin Gilmore for drawing the diagram):






I'd suggest you use the grounds on the S-Video as Pin5 and use the

center conductors for Pins 2 & 3. (Tx & Rx). Get a couple of female

S-Video connectors and a couple of female DB-9 connectors and you

should be set.

I doubt you'll find a ready made cable for this.



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Its a null modem cable . . . pins 2 and 3 (receive / transmit)are "crossed". A straight adaptor won't work, even if you find one. You would need to add a "null modem". It is probably easier to just cut the s-video connectors off, and change them to DB9s.

You can get the parts at Radio Shack or Black Box.
Hi Jeremy,

You probably already know this from the posts above, but the RS232 communication only needs 3 wires and not 4.

1 to transmit

1 to receive

1 for ground

It doesn't get much more basic than that.

The ground goes straight through (pin5), and as Swampfox (Stew?) mentioned, pins 2 and 3 cross for the communication and connect 2-->3 and 3-->2.
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