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D-Sub plus 25 Foot SVGA Cable?

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Just got my first projector, a Dell 2300 (Hey, I've only been on this forum since August 2001). I need to locate the projector 15 to 20 feet from my amplifier and DVD machine. The D-Sub to YPbPr cable SEEMS like the best set-up and it would APPEAR that I could extend the 1.8 m cable by adding a 25 foot SVGA male/Female cable.

Am I making this too simple or overlooking any pitfals?

TIA, Jim
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Hep me, Hep me please.

I have a 25' triple shielded VGA cable from my PC to my projector. For my DVD player I use a component breakout cable with the three RCA jacks on one end and the VGA male on the other. It comes in 25' lenths as well.
Thanks Ian.

It just SEEMED too simple.


So far, so good with the projector performance.

Last night Sluri PM'd me and asked how I liked the projector and also made me aware of a REALLY GENEROUS COUPON -

I did some research this morning and found said coupon number F78TNNG4RV5SDM and presented it to Dell and, bottom line, they gave me a credit return of another (net) $200. off an already generously discounted deal.

Thnks to Sluri for the "heads-up" and props to Dell for keeping the customer happy service.

BTW: The coupon EXPIRES TODAY 10/20. The net price is the best I've seen and this iseems to be a really nice projector at a GREAT price.

Be well, Jim
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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