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Need a little help here, I searched the amount of information in the D2V2 is overwhelming and I was not able to find what I needed.

Just got this did a manual set up and balanced all the speakers sounded good then did the ARC set up. Now my sorounds sound loud and base is boomey. Does the ARC rebalance the souround levels or only adjust tone for room correction? Did it adjust the crossovers? I was hoping for a little more feedback from the ARC instead of just some graphs. So after I do the auto ARC set up what else do I need to do? My base now sound over boomby especally on music.

What is the difference between music and movie mode do I need to manually tweek each? Help I fell like my system now is horrable and not sure what I really should tweek.

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Go to the Anthem D2, D2v, AVM 50, AVM 50v official thread and post the question there. Someone will be able to help you out for sure.

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You'll find a lot of useful tutorial stuff in the collection of post links found in the first post of the D2v "tweaking" thread (see my sig, below). There are rather a few post links there on ARC, but most of the referenced posts are short so it doesn't take all that long to get through them.

There are two common mistakes that you might have made. First, after you do your first Upload of ARC results you need to go into Setup > Source Setup for each of your sources and turn on Room EQ for each of them. Otherwise the full ARC processing is not turned on.

Second, ARC Uploads settings into the Setup menu as well as room correction parameters into a special memory that you can not see. What this means is that you need to be careful not to alter the settings ARC uploads into the Setup menu for you or you will break ARC's room solution. The settings ARC Uploads are the speaker configuration itself, the speaker crossover values, and the speaker volume trims. After Uploading ARC results it is a good idea to Save User and/or Installer Settings to capture those Setup menu changes so that you don't accidentally undo them by restoring from those 2 memories later.

If neither of these gives you an obvious fix, do a Windows screen capture of your ARC charts and post them in the "tweaking" thread and folks will be happy to help you out.

ETA: If you think you might have mistakenly altered ARC's Setup menu settings after the ARC Upload, simply open your current ARC results file in ARC's "Advanced" mode and Upload it again. No need to re-Measure or re-Calculate. In the "Advanced" mode you can also view the Targets window which will give you some more details on how ARC has constructed its solution for your room. If you are capturing ARC charts for posting, it is also a good idea to capture and post the Targets window.

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