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Redid scratch set up from 128 setting. I now have a extra bit of line hanging over the right side of the test pattern horizontal lines on the red and blue tubes. (See picture) Looks like there maybe a little bit on the green as well. If I put up the cross hair it's not there right away it takes a second or 2 then it grows out the right side of all the horizontal lines.


It is directly related to the bias . If I turn down the red and blue the line shrinks in size and I can get it to stop at the right edge, however doing so really makes the whites terrible. IT was suggested to me maybe the G2 needs adjusting, I understand it can't be adjusted.

What should the bias be set to?

It makes the picture unwatchable it's like you get a red smudge over the image. I did notice that if I put up a test pattern with an input on the screen the extra lines will shrink and lenghten as the image changes scenes.

The other problem is now I have a vertical band on all tubes on the right side. The image is there then a space then a band with no image just raster. Doesn't go away if I change the size or centre of the image. Again any help or guidance is really appreciated.
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