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Da-Lite Model L

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Anyone know anything about this one? Its in a blue case says Da-Lite Model L and it is on a tripod, 70x70. I'm just going to take the tripod off and wall hang it, so its not a big deal that it is on a tripod. They had three such screens being thrown out at the local university, this one was a silver type screen, the other two white all Da-Lites (I'll pick up another if they are still there but I could only fit one in the car at a time). This one had a tripod stand and the screen itself was in better shape (as in looked new) than the other two so I took it. Was planning on using it with my Sayett Mediashow projector. Anyone know the gain of this screen or anything else about it for that matter?
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I haven't heard of a Model L. Some of the silver screens that used to be used on tripods needed the vertical stretching of the tripod. If it doesn't hang well on the wall, you might try to figure out a way to put some weight on it.
The pulldown piece at the bottom has a bar through it but the bar is weighted I suppose is supposed to keep the screen tight, however it just hangs and doesn't attach to anything at the bottom, so I would assume it would work fine. I plan on leaving the general assembly alone and just taking the tripod off (it unscrews from the screen base) and mounting it with something like two L brackets at the ends where the silver end pieces are. I searched around and came up with nothing on the particular model, just have to see how it works I guess. I can't imagine it would be older than the early 1990s as that is when they started to use portable type projectors in the classrooms. I'm going to try and set it up tonight so I'll see what I can figure out then.
Wow. Are you saying that this screen is on a tripod, but the surface pulls down instead of up? I have never seen anything like that. Would love to see a photo.
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