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Im looking to buy a new Projector screen for my room.
Its a light controlled movieroom matblack ceiling and mat beige walls with black absorbers on it.
The room is 6.17m long and 3.26 wide and only 2m in hight.
I have a sony vpl-vw590es projector.
Looking to buy a 16:9 106"-110" screen
And I have hade a screen research solidpix 1 103" White screen whit gain 1.0.
Looking at a couple of screens Projecta "Da-Lite" Fullvision 108" 16:9 White screen gain 1.1 or gain 1.3.
Also looking at Elitescreens Cinewhite Aeon gain 1.1 110" 16:9.
And also Screen Innovation pure white or pure gray.
Or Euroscreen Edgeless Flexwhite

Have anyone done a comparison betwin them and what are your thougts about them..?
Dont whant any sparkels or shining glittery on the screen.

Hope someone could help me to deside..😊
Going to take home some test materials also but fun to hear your thougts also..


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