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Da-Lite screens cheap to Sweden?

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Need to know a store that can send screens to Sweden.

Since we have added value tax of 25% (!) I need a cheap one:)

I´m looking for one or more

Da-Lite 4:3 Model B Manual Rolldown 80 inch diagonal high power 2.8 gain

cousinsvideo won`t send abroad:-(

Please, help out!


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Drop me an email. I should be able to help you out.



Jason Turk

AV Science, Inc.

716-454-1460 ext.204

[email protected]
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Hi, Jason!

I mailed you last week, but I wanna check around.

The price you offered me was 399, but the freight was 150. If I add 25%, it´s to much. I can get it about 100 bucks cheaper or so from the UK.

I´m sorry tp sound like Scrooged (sp?), but my budget is down the train and my NEC LT150 has arrived:)

Thanks anyway!

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