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I want to hook up a DAENYX DN-26D to a Mac Mini via VGA-cable. The problem is that I got a big (about 100 pixels width) border on the left-hand side with the standard screen resolutions which are offered by Mac OS Snow Leopard.

The TV itself has a few options to correct the position of the picture, but the values are stupidly limited to +10 and -10.

So, I installed SwitchResX and I tried to create a custom resolution knowing that the screen size is something like 1366*764 (Google). After a lots of restarts and even more patience I got my best result with these settings:

Manufacturer: DAENYX
Model: DN-26D

Pixel clock: 107,98 MHz

   Active: 1368
   Front porch: 104
   Sync width: 80
   Back porch: 240
   Blanking: 424
   Total: 1792
   Scan rate: 60,257 kHz

   Active: 768
   Front porch: 8
   Sync width: 5
   Back porch: 26Blanking: 39
   Total: 807
   Scan rate: 74,668 Hz
   Positive sync.: YES
Vertically everything seems mapped 1:1 and the picture lines up precisely with the left edge of the screen now. But horizontally the picture is a little bit to short, so that there is a black border now on the right-hand side (about 30 pixels broad). Thus, rectangles appear a bit narrow.

In the settings of the TV I can set a value named "clock", and if I set it to +10 (which is the maximum) the picture is already a bit wider, but there is still a border of about 20 pixels left.

So, my question is: what does the value "clock" of the TV menu change, and how could I adjust my parameters to widen the picture (just like "clock", without increasing the count of pixels) so that it fits the TV screen?


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I came across this database wiki: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Modeline_Database

And I found a few other TVs that seem to have a total vertical pixel count of 807. So I put in a modeline which seems to be common for a couple of TVs into SwitchResX:
Modeline "1360x768" 84.50 1360 1392 1712 1744 768 783 791 807
The result looks the same as before, but the offset is obviously different. The picture is still horizontally too short and therefore blurred, because the pixels aren't mapped 1:1. Vertically, everything is fine.

The TVs sharpness and DNR settings have no effect on the mapping. Only the 'clock' setting I mentioned before helps the picture to get a bit better. Sadly, how I sad, it's limited to a value of 10.

Unfortunately, I don't have a HDMI cable. But maybe you are right. I should buy one and try that.
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