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Hello everyone,

I still have not decided on the purchase of my audio system, at first I wanted to if or if I type column because of the fact that they are aesthetically better and I did not want to spend € 100 on supports.
Viewing the following link could build them myself so it could save me something, then it would be open to monitors.

I had in mind the Dali Zensor 5 (I listened to 7 also but I found it too serious but if it gave more depth)
The subject is that I was not surprised the Zensor 5, I do not know if they were my ears but I was sparing more than some speakers of this price.

Looking for options that aesthetically I like and are within the price range, I see the Zensor 3 with a cone of 7 "just like Zensor 7. As only has one would not be so serious but would give more depth than the Zensor 5?
The only drawback is that it has bass reflex back I do not know if this will matter much.

Thanks for your comments
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