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Here are my parameters:

My screen size is 130" diagonal 16:9.

Seating distance can range fro 11-14 feet.

Projector is mounted close to ceiling about 7 foot high.

Projector is at the back of a 20x12 room and is about 18 feet away from screen.

I have three seats so I want to have good pictures for all three seating positions.

The room is 100% light controlled.Projector = Benq w7000

pictures of the setup can be seen at: http://www.blu-ray.com/community/gallery.php?member=ahmedreda

Right now I have a cheap material from eBay which is supposed to have 1.0 gain. So far it has worked well but after I switched to 3d, I feel like I need some extra brightness.

I have done some research and I am leaning towards the Dalite Pearlescent which has a 1.5 gain and 40 degrees viewing angle. I am also considering the HP 2.4 (or 2.8 I don't remember).

I received some samples and I really did not notice that much brightness difference using the Pearlescent but I am sure it will show with full screen. The HP sample on the other hand was significantly brighter but it seems like it was sparkling. Not sure if that will be the case with a full screen or not.

Any input on which way I should go would be appreciated. Any other screen material suggestions are also welcome! Main concern is brightness and that the brightness would be as even as possible in all three seats.
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