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Dallas cable? help!

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I'm delivering my old ReplayTV 3030 to my dad in Dallas soon, and I'm trying to get it set up ahead of time. Dallas has that retarded A/B cable. My plan was to get a cable box hooked up to the line input for the B channels, and use the antenna input for the A channels. But ReplayTV is offering me lots of cable lineup choices that I don't understand. Here's what it lists:

1. Dallas - AT&T Broadband (A/B)

2. Dallas - AT&T Broadband

3. Dallas - AT&T Broadband (A Lineup)

4. Dallas - AT&T Broadband (B Lineup)

5. Dallas - AT&T Broadband (Rebuild Lineup)

6. Dallas - AT&T Broadband (Digital Rebuild)

7. Dallas - AT&T Broadband (A Lineup Cable-ready-TV)

8. Dallas - AT&T Broadband (Digital)

9. Other Service Provider

The only choices I understand here are 3 and 4. What the heck are the others? I'm especially intrigued by option 7. What could that mean? And doesn't digital cable require their cable box? What would happen if I picked option 8 for the antenna input? I'm guessing that option 1 is for a cable box only, and ReplayTV will toggle between A/B. But that doesn't make sense as an antenna input.

I know I could try each one and see what the difference is, but that takes forever because ReplayTV has to dial up and download channel listings each time I change.

I'm hoping someone in Dallas has done this research and can shed some light on this. I'm sure I could get it working but I'd just like to know what all my options are.
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