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I live in North Dallas (Tollway and Westgrove) and have been

struggling for two months to get all of the network off-air

DTV broadcasts to tune through my Dish 5000/HDTV Modulator

and Panasonic DST50/PV-HD1000 setup. HBOHD is, of course,

exceptional when viewed on my Sampo, but it's network HDTV

off-the-air where most of the daily and sports HDTV

entertainment can be found.

The apartment complex master antenna wouldn't pick up the

UHF digital channels, so I had an outdoor antenna installed

in my attic. I live on the second floor of a 2-story wood

apartment building and concealing the outdoor antenna in

this way seemed like a reasonable idea, given that I was

fortunate enough to have that option.

Unfortunately, this turned out to not be a very successful

idea. After the attic antenna was installed I could only

receive 4/35 (FOX), 5/41 (NBC), and 8/9 (ABC). I could not

receive 11/19 (CBS), 21/18 (UPN), 33/32 (WB), or 13/14


I had the Goodman TV people come out a second time to see if

re-aiming it slightly would make a difference, but it did

not. I had been skeptical that a general purpose broadband

Winegard Ghostkiller was the proper antenna anyway despite

its $129 price, and this experiment in futility proved it.

There is a real problem shooting south down the tollway to

where the transmitting towers are (in Cedar Hill), because

of all the new buildings that have gone up recently and

reflections coming north through downtown.

I then looked in the yellow pages for antenna specialists,

and after calling several companies who couldn't help me, I

stumbled onto an outfit which really seemed to be true

professionals. At least they talked a good game on the


They are B&H Commercial Services (214-357-1947) and seem to

do lots of building and high-end installations, according

to their own references.

Anyway, they recommended I buy a "GE Max" antenna for $99,

as a first try. This is an unusual tube-shaped DTV antenna

which had solved a similar problem for another customer

in my area. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

In worst case, if that didn't work, I could then try a much

more expensive Terk. Both the GE and Terk antennas are the

outdoor powered type, utilizing a power injector inside the

house where the coax connects to a receiver. But it was

recommended that I should try the GE Max first, as it was

less expensive and had been known to work successfully.

The GE antenna is sold through Jasco Products, which is the

retailer for GE products (I guess). The particular antenna

I bought was the mode 94757, which is a 6 foot tube (made

of some type of composite material it seems) with plastic

mounting brackets, good for 60 miles. The coax output

connector is imbedded at one end of the tube.

(go down a bit in the page, and click on the link for

"Max" The Ultimate TV Antenna System)

Ok, I bought it, and B&H came out today to do the install.

We tried various locations on my roof and near the chimney,

and finally settled on a location facing due south. It was

mounted right near the peak of my roof lying horizontally,

almost at the highest point on the roof and with a clean

shot at the south sky, with no other buildings in front of

it. Because it's resting horizontally on the roof, it can

barely be seen unless you knew to look for it and where.

And, like a miracle, I can report that in addition to the

NBC, ABC, and FOX network DTV channels that I was receiving

before, I can now also receive the DTV versions of CBS, WB,

and UPN! I still can't receive PBS however.

This antenna is fantastic... for the price! Whatever the

problem with CBS was with the Winegard, it's gone now with

the GE Max.

Also, the GE Max can actually pull in the analog VHF and

UHF stations, although not too well. In fact the Winegard

antenna does a much better job on the analog side. But

neither of these problems affects me as I get the local

Dallas network station package through Dish. I only needed

the off-air antenna for local DTV/HDTV as I watch local

networks from the satellite.

So I'm recommending VERY highly the $99 GE Max "tube"

antenna for anybody who needs a "modest" antenna solution

and can put one outside. Naturally, the higher the

better. Vertically or horizontally, whichever works best.

I am now THRILLED to be able to receive CBS DTV, as they

are broadcasting 3 prime time hours each night in HDTV,

not to mention sporting events.

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D Sperber,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the GE MAX Antenna. I have been skeptical of the claims made in various ads, but your experience with this antenna is very good.

I understand that this antenna design is patented but I have been unable to find the patent #. If you still have the box the patent # ought to be printed there somewhere, or maybe on the antenna itself. If it's convenient for you I'd sure appreciate getting the patent # or #'s.


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Although I still have the box (hadn't gotten around to

throwing it out yet) there's no mention of a patent number

on it.

I also checked the installation documentat and again it is

void of such a reference.

If you want, there's an 800-508-6532 number you can call

to get tech support for installation. They might be able

to give you more details, possibly the patent number.

One more note. Having also learned from the CBS-DTV guru

here in Dallas that they actually had an incompatibility

problem with Panasonic STBs and were finally fixing it over

Memorial Day weekend, I wondered if my previous inability

to receive CBS-DT through my attic antenna was really

caused at the transmission end, rather than because of my


Strangely, late Friday the CBS-DT signal (which I had

previously mentioned I could now receive) appeared... like

magic. I assumed CBS had actually done the hardware

upgrade ealier than they told me, since even with my

GE Max antenna installed earlier in the day I had not

been able to receive CBS-DT. Otherwise, I can't explain it.

Anyway, over the weekend I tried to get CBS-DT from my

attic antenna and was unsuccessful. I also could still not

get WB-DT and UPN-DT, both of which are achievable using

the GE Max.

So whether or not the appearance of CBS-DT late Friday

was genuinely due to something at the transmitter end or

not, I still can get it now along with WB-DT and UPN-DT...

but only with the GE Max.
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