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Damaged HDTV

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Hello all,

I have a Westinghouse 32w6 HDTV, great TV up to about a month ago. Whenever I turn on the TV, the image is discolored and disorientated, lines everywhere on the screen. So I have to unplug the TV to correct this.

I figured this is no big deal considering I have a warranty plan with the company I bought the TV from (out of manufacturer's warranty). I contacted the retailer, explained the situation and they said that does not constitute a replacement. They said if the TV completely stops working, then contact them for a replacement.

This problem is becoming very annoying as you could imagine. So can anyone suggest anything I can do to the TV to constitute a replacement? It can't have any physical damage, but maybe a way to "short-out" or "fry" the TV?

I know my request is somewhat unethical and immoral but I just want a normal functioning HDTV. Any advice would be great.

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Originally Posted by njgamer /forum/post/0

explained the situation

You probably gave too much information. Don't say it works sometimes and

other times not and you can "correct" it. Turn it on and when it's in that mode,

leave it that way until the repair guy comes or you have to prove it to someone.

The tv is not suppose to work like that, so it is broken already. No need to

try to fudge the situation, just be more forceful and ask for their supervisor etc...

until you are satsified with the results.
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While I appreciate your reply, that method hasn't worked. I spoke to their support dept. several times, logging my calls, speaking to a manager, etc... The support dept. first suggested trying to unplug the TV to "correct" the issue. While it worked at that moment, it didn't work the next day when I turned on the TV. So I unplugged it again.

Although I wouldn't consider my phone calls to be irate, they definitely weren't pleasant; I was very stern and professional without any positive results. Any other suggestions?
Do they sell the same unit still (or any other retailers in your area)? Its a desperate measure, but you could always buy a new one and return it with your old one in the box. I've never done it and someone will probably yell at me for suggesting the idea, but you didn't break it so you might have to do...what you have to do to resolve the problem and get around the warranty.

Originally Posted by njgamer /forum/post/0

somewhat unethical and immoral

How about "illegal"?

My advice is to read the retailer warranty carefully and decide if you

are justified or not to have this fixed or replaced. Then use any

legal recourse at your disposal. The better business bureau

and others may be able to help if you feel you are being unfairly treated.

In my opinion, the situation could become much much worse vs. forking

over the money for a new tv. Depending upon where you live, you could be

in a lot of trouble (felony, larceny, fraud...) if you are found out.

Sort of a risk vs. reward scenario for you to consider.
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I ran into a similar situation with a major purchase and the retailer would not take responsibility for fixing it. I ended up packing everything up and dropping it off at their store. I advised their manager that the item is returned under a dispute and I will go thru my credit card company for the refund. My CC refunded the money and never heard from the store.

I would recommend you have documentation and proof of an attempt for resolution before dropping it off. Check with your CC company before attempting this. Sometimes it pays to have a good CC company.
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