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Damaged Olevia 32" LCD Screen

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Well, yesterday my son takes one of his toy airplanes and throws it at the 32" Olevia LCD taking out almost the entire right half of the screen. It is aggravating with what he did, but I guess its my fault too since my wife has been bitchin' for months that I should have mounted it to a wall so the kids couldn't get to it.

Does anyone know that if I called Olevia and told them that the TV went out on its own that maybe they will repair it? There is no signs of damage on the screen itself, but it looks like the mirrors or whatever is behind it is damaged.
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It would be pretty obvious when they got the set that it was damaged and not defective--screens don't just break by themselves. Sorta like hitting something with your car and trying to get the mfg. to fix the banged up fender under warranty.
Your TV is a total loss, sorry. For the next one try a shield:

Which does produce extra reflections but could save the set for as long as your kids pose a hazard. Although - I know somebody whose 53-year-old husband let go of the Wiimote while virtually bowling....

Here's a pre-made unit: http://www.gearlog.com/2007/05/lcd_tv_safety_shield.php

If you are handy, build your own shield:

Using this material: http://www.tapplastics.com/aa/pinfo/acrylite_plus.pdf

FYI the wall mount saves only the broken screens resulting from tipover. There is a thin layer of glass underneath the plastic film and a layer of liquid crystals. Plasmas are no more robust, they have a thin glass surface. Both types of screens are easily broken by a light blow.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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