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Can someone with some experience help me out here before I try and go to the store I purchased my Polk audio speakers from.

I have RTI A7, CSI A6, FXI A6 Speakers. Its hooked up to a pioneer vsx 919.

Here is my problem. Since day one my sound was amazing except for one flaw. When I watched movies, I noticed right away when I had the S.RTRV on which is suppose to give a much larger sound, that all the dialogue had a static distortion noise to it. Everything sounded great except the dialogue which came from the CSI A6. So I turned it off for normal sound.

Now, Ive had my system up to volume -4db, which is pretty loud, but not loud enough to do any damage to my speakers right? I dont know enough about speakers and recievers limits to know what the problems are. Now the day after I had my system that loud, when someone is talking 90% of the time it sounds ok. But when there is a spike in someone raising there voice or so, I get that static at the tail end of the word and sometimes a static click.

Is this speaker damaged now, or was it damaged from the get go. What could cause this. I doubt very much that my reciever even has the juice to put out enough loudness to damage these high end speakers. What should I do. I dont believe I did this to the speaker, but you know how it is when you buy speakers that dont work well and try and exchange them or return them, it always comes back that you blew them and they wont do anything for you. Can someone help me out with some advice.

THANKYOU to anyone who takes the time to answer me.
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