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Damaged tweeter driver on Monitor Audio BX2

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I managed to break both of my Monitor Audio BX2 speakers. 


While testing this  http://www.audiocheck.net/audiotests_mosquito.php I was using simultaneosly some spectrum analyser on the iPhone just out of curiosity. To see differences in the graph I turned up the volume on the amplifier and then smoking coming out from both tweeters ensued. 


As a result of the experiment, there is no sound coming from that driver anymore, although the woofer still sounds. These speakers have separated inputs for the high- and low-range frequencies.


I tried to plug the cable from the amplifier directly to the high-range input but no sound came out from both speakers.


As I probably need already new tweeters, do you guys have any recomendation regarding this issue?


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Are you handy with a screwdriver?

Try this. Call Monitor Audio and tell them what happened. You'll can probably get the replacement tweeters cheap or possibly at no cost if they're feeling generous.

Unscrew (untorx?) them from the cabinet, unplug the wires and put 'em back in.
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