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Daredevil: Director's Cut. Nice audio treat

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Ok, it's not a great movie but I didn't wait for it to end either. I rented it years ago when it came out and I knew the sound was good. When I saw it last weekend for $5 at a grocery store, I had to try it again. extra 30min of footage + DTS sound....it's worth a revisit.

The audio mix had to be spectacular for the movie to work because Daredevil "sees" his world thru sound. And it is. Right from the get go, I was treated to the most realistic pan I have ever heard: a rat scurries from center rear(s) to left side to left front. It's 5.1 but I layered THX Ultra 2 on top. I had to rewind to hear it again and I never do that. Some surround pans are cheesy and fake. For example, in 5th element, chapter 9, after leeloo jumps, cop car swerves over right surround. Ben Affleck's monologue thruout the movie is crystal clear. Muffled dialogue annoys the heck outta me (Black Dahlia anyone?) and I never touched the subtitles in DD. The sub is not overly active in this DVD. Nothing jumped out in terms of extension or impact but that is not to say it was no good. Blending in well to the movie is always a good thing. Surround action was plentiful, perhaps the most well integrated with the front soundstage as I can remember. It is on par with PotC: DMC which I also praised very very highly for this quality. During the bar fight scene, where the audience is introduced to how Daredevil uses his hearing to "see", the sound mix was dizzying. So much stuff crosses back and forth and side to side. But it was not gimmicky at all because it it blended with the on screen action.

The video (upconverted) was no letdown either. I can't review video quality the same as I can audio but I will say this: the first close up of The Kingpin is reminiscent of Jason Statham's close up in Crank. You can count Statham's facial hair just like you can see Duncan's pores. I think that scene is as good as SD can get.

Now that I think about this movie more, I enjoyed it better than Superman Returns, X3, or Fantastic Fours. Spidey 2 is still the best comic-book adapt.
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I have always use this dvd as a show off peace. It is unreal I just can't wait until we get it in dts-master-hd.
As a youngster I was a HUGE Marvel Comics fan. I have enjoyed most of the Marvel Comics movies (still don't care for The Hulk). I saw Daredevil when it first came out and although I didn't hate it, I didn't care for it. I was given The Directors Cut for Christmas and all I can say is WOW! It's still not my favorite comic movie, but it's MUCH better than the first time I saw it. The DTS soundtrack is on my top 5 DVD tracks of all time (I agree with all Bings' comments.
The movie is much better looking in HD, not only because of res but of the expanded colour. It makes the darkness of Daredevil world much more immersive. I did like a majority of the directors cut, I did feel some of the beats were not necessary and could have been trimed slightly more. The King Pin is much better in the directors cut, while in the theatrical didnt seem to be much of a threat. As for the sound, I'd agree with the OP.
I have always loved the opening scene (until he falls into the church). I used it as a preview (D-Theater) when guests came over to watch a movie. On almost every occasion the guests would say maybe we should watch this...
When this movie first came out I was so disappointed. I REALLY wanted to like it because I was a fan of the comics as a kid. But the movie blew....

However, I hear everyone talking about how the Director's Cut is better, and I'm a sucker for quality sound....

Looks like I'm heading to Best Buy tomorrow.

You know, this is one of those movies where you just wish you could have access to a print so you could edit it yourself....bye-bye Elektra, more Bullseye and Kingpin.

Then again, I feel that way about a lot of movies I see (say....the last 3 Star Wars movies....well, 4 really.....damned Ewoks!).
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Originally Posted by DaveFi /forum/post/0

It's not the same movie as the original.

No, but it has the same sound quality.
I am NOT afraid to say that the DC version of DD is one of the best Marvel Movies yet.


Go ahead, flamesuit on...it is MY opinion and I'm stickin' to it.
I liked it the wondrous six-track Dolby stereo digital surround, with centre back and overhead surrounds Lucasfilm THX engaged man I was in the Daredevil world smashing entertainment value. I'll have to keep an eye out for the region 2, extended edition or rather use my Daredevil senses.

(Colin Farrell) as Bullseye, just cracked me up with laughter, especially during the end credits where he's in the hospital done up like the mummy, with one thing buzzing around him a fly, where he struggles to reach for surgical syringe and then camera moves away from room and all we hear is splat! Err, Ballseye!
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I agree the DC is a huge improvement.

Now the DC of Elektra is another story.
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Can someone point me to or explain in detail the difference between the theatrical and DC?

Ive only seen the regular dvd...
Here you go.


It's not broken down scene by scene, but you'll get the idea.
I agree, the DC is a much better movie. I was disappointed in the Elektra original film and DC , but its Jennifer Garner, so I can't really complain
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Originally Posted by tkmedia2 /forum/post/0

The movie is much better looking in HD, not only because of res but of the expanded colour.

Are you talking about a HD VHS version? Or is it available as a DVD in HD?

That's something that doesn't, rarely crop, up these days the good ole D-VHS how's it doing in the USA since everyone else was too tight to distribute it here in the United Kingdom, tight gits!

I don't see Daredevil, anywhere in the D-VHS list of titles
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'Daredevil' was never released in the D-Theater format. In that, it had a lot of company.
What movie are you guys talking about? I had thought this thread was about DAREDEVIL the movie with Ben Affleck -- he portrays the Marvel comic book character -- blind guy -- is that the one? If so, I'm pretty sure I could go right to my cabinet and pull down my DVHS D-THEATER copy, unless someone (from another dimension perhaps) has gotten into my brain and given me false memories of buying it and owning and possessing it right up till now.

Originally Posted by archiguy /forum/post/0

'Daredevil' was never released in the D-Theater format. In that, it had a lot of company.


Sorry, my bad. Never heard of that title in D-Theater, and don't know anyone who has it (aside, now, from M-H); thought I knew about 'em all (there weren't that many to keep track of). But I think it's a safe bet to say that the Director's Cut never saw a D-Theater release.
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