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dark side of the moon sacd for 10.99

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Kmart has this disc for 10.99 right now, I got it but it won't play in my dvd player (panasonic a310 ,,,I know this is a first generation player but I thought it should play since it plays all my regular cd"s. the sacd works fine in my car and my kids cd player. any one know the scoop on this? im still saving for a pioneer 45a
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Good find. Maybe your early DVD player doesn't like the protection on the CD tracks.
Does anyone else find it weird that you can buy a hybrid disc (PF,Rolling Stones) for the price of a regular cd while a single layer sacd is still around $20?
yes I would think dvd-audio disc will have to cut prices also if they still consider sacd a competing format, I have been pricing sacd and dvd audio players seperatly but I think I am going to end up buying the pioneer that does both,,,,,what I really want is a player that does it all,,,,I mean'





dvd rw and plus rw

and will also record dvd's,,,,,Im probably dreaming but that would be the answer to me.
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