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Includes the Original Theatrical Version (83mins) and the Director's Cut version (68mins)

An all new feature length documentary entitled Let There Be Light (116mins): The Odyssey of Dark Star. Exploring the controversial making of the John Carpenter and writer Dan O'Bannon (Alien) student film.

Archival interviews with John Carpenter and many more

Plus the final interview with Dan O'Bannon

Interview with Brian Narelle, cinematographer Doug Knapp, art director Tommy Lee Wallace, visual effects artist Greg Jein, voice artist Cookie Knapp, film director Jack Harris, Dianne O'Bannon, USC Alumni / director Jeff Burr

Original Directors Cut of the Feature & Theatrical Cut of the Feature

Original Film Trailer

Stills Gallery - Poster Gallery - Lobby Gallery

New CGI Menus

Cast & Crew Biographies

English & Spanish Subtitles

This all new Blu-ray edition has been sourced from an original 16 x 9 35mm theatrical print. The film was originally shot on 16mm, and then blown up to 35mm for theatrical distribution. The new master has been subject to a new grade and extensive manual frame by frame digital restoration with enhance and restored to Dolby Digital 5.1


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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