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Dashboard update is coming at the end of May.

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Our German friends over at Xbox Archiv informed us about the rumored dashboard update. They got confirmation from Boris Schneider (Senior Product Manager Xbox Platform and Accessories, Microsoft Germany) that the dashboard update is coming at the end of May. Features include background downloading and having multiple downloads at once.

We got confirmation from Boris Schneider-Johne (Senior Product Manager Xbox Platform and Accessories, Microsoft Germany) that a huge Dashboard Update will arrive at the end of may! It will feature a download manager for 6 parallel downloads in the background. He also mentions that there will be a lot more features in there but it will be a surprise and he won’t talk about

it! The downloads will also running while a game is played.

The update will feature more then background downloading, so what will Microsoft brings to us? A totaly overhauled marketplace? We will see at the end of may.

Thanks to Erzengel360 from Xbox Archiv for reporting this news.


Xbox Archiv just recieved some more info:

The user marks a file to download and it will be put in an active queue

downloadlist. There are 6 slots reserved in that queue. They will be

downladed sequentially not in parallel! If the Xbox360 sees there is

bandwith available it will boost the download speed up, if there. During

Online Sessions the downloads will be paused to garantee no lags. It’s also

possible to turn off the console, after powering it back on the downloads

will resume. When a download finishes the user will get a message that it

has been downloaded.

The bandwidth managment looks like to be for lag free chats in the dashboard

or some other features which will be implemented additionally, i think so

cause during online sessions it will be paused anyway as he mentions in his

response to my questions.

Multi-file queued background downloading during games? Sounds like a plan to me!

I wonder what the other enhancements are. Can't wait! :p
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That's good news. I was trying to download some of the E3 stuff and it just took forever to download each one individually. :)
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