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David Abrams, of Precision Theater Consultants, will be in Cincinnati from May 14-18 for an ISF Tour. David has a couple of time slots available. David has received excellent reports on the AV forums (see links below). This is a chance to have your set ISF calibrated by one of the best, with a very short wait for the service.

I am coordinating the tour for David. Please contact me soon if you want to get your set ISF calibrated, or for questions about the fee. David’s services are:

1) Align the NTSC decoder

2) Defeat scan velocity modulation

3) Electronic focus

4) Geometry correction

5) Convergence correction

6) Gray scale correction

7) Color decoder Correction (Via I2C interface for Mits RPTVs

8) Proper setting of picture parameters

9) Mechanical focus if needed

10) Optics and Mirror Cleaning if needed/requested.

All calibrations are done using a Sencore Color Analyzer, a TVSPro Optical Comparator, and an Accupel HDTV Test Pattern Generator, as well as various test discs.

Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4
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