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David Bowie - Reality Tour...Nice!

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Just happened to pick up the new David Bowie concert disk "Reality" taken from the name of his latest disc - the $12.99 price really helped the whim factor.

It's 16X9 with only Dolby DD, but a fantastic sounding Dolby DD. At first it sounded a bit lean to me in the bass, but as the concert went on, I realized it was a really pure audiophile type sound, and the leanness wasn't even a consideration. Image quality is definitely some of the better video I've seen on a concert DVD.

But what about the performance? To many classic rocker performances these days seem limp, going through the motions, etc. Boy, not the case here. The sound is very updated with excellent electronic effects not to mention very interesting and painstaken video effects.

There's lots of passion, and a fresh approach to the material on display here. And there's a good number of oldies mixed in, but also lots of good stuff from the Reality disc. So it doesn't feel like a nostalgia tour, but quite fresh with some nostalgic moments for sure. BTW, the Reality disc has been growing on me, but after hearing the concert, I like the concert version more, and better appreciate that there's some really solid stuff on the Reality disc that would have been significant hits if released in the day.

I'd rate performance, sound quality, picture quality, and production effort all A's. If you're a Bowie fan (even a casual one like me), this is just an unbelievable effort and deal at Best Buy's $12.99 price.

Definitely Recommended!
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Definitely some golden oldies here!

"Rebel Rebel"

"New Killer Star"




"Sister Midnight"


"All The Young Dudes"

"Be My Wife"

"The Loneliest Guy"

"The Man Who Sold The World"

"Fantastic Voyage"

"Hallo Spaceboy"


"Under Pressure"

"Life On Mars?

"Battle For Britain"

"Ashes To Ashes"

"The Motel"

"Loving The Alien"

"Never Get Old"


"I'm Afraid Of Americans"


"Bring Me The Disco King"

"Slip Away"


"Five Years"

"Hang On To Yourself"

"Ziggy Stardust"
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Listening/watching now as a matter of fact:). MY copy was 9.99 !!! at BB, no way I'd pass that up. My copy says DTS and DD? I'm set up for DD, so not a big deal to me, but I'd check again, Turn the Bass to Strange...:) good concert!! so far.
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