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Hey all, long time lurker, I'm planning on adding a new sub during the summer and have been looking at the threads,

Right now the current plan is http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-18-reference-series-ho-subwoofer-and-cabinet-package--300-7094 this seems like the best route, I'm not very good at building stuff so this seems like the best route, I'm hoping all i need is just a lot of glue, and some acoustifoam (I guess I just throw it in there...?) I want to build the sub then once i do that successfully i would get an amp (looking at the inuke6000dsp but I have concerns I'll list in a bit)

Right now I am living with a Pioneer SW-8MK2 (heresy, i know) and I want to be able to hit 20Hz,

some other details AVR Pioneer Elite SC 63, speakers Pioneer BS22 LR *4 +Pioneer CS22,

use is for 100% Movies/TV Shows,

about the room, we think its 16*16*9 tall, its a four bedroom apartment on 3rd floor, I'd build a riser for the sub, it would probably have to go behind my couch due to room layout,

Assuming I can assemble the flatpack, I think the inuke6000dsp would be a good amp when its on sale, (was 300 a few weeks ago) but looking through this thread has me worried http://www.avsforum.com/t/1451411/rss460ho-diy-sound-group-flat-pack-build/120_40 they talk about not getting enough juice or the AVR not liking the Amp, (too technical for me to follow)

the upside is I could use the amp for a second sub,

if the inuke would be too complicated, I would get the dayton plate amp,

the goal is to get better performance for around 700, (not counting cables but would like to know what i'd need, right now cable is some amazon cable) Was looking at SVS PB 2000 so I want something that could beat that,

other reasons for sealed vs larger ported is at the end of the year, I have to move out and it'd be a lot easier to carry around a 100LB sub vs a larger 10ft box i see in threads like this http://www.avsforum.com/t/1489541/large-ported-dayton-ho18s/0_40

This next section is long term, so a lot of this is theoretical,

at this point i think DIY is a lot more cost effective than buying pre made and will get me the sound I want at a much nicer price, majority suggestion is for 3 Fusion Tempest SEOS 12 LCR and 2-4 Volt 8/10 for surround

I would probably want a second Dayton,

I know everyone will swear by the JTR 228, but if I could get 80-90% of that performance for a 1/3 of the price that would be ideal, at that point would the Pioneer SC 63 also be more than powerful enough for the fusions? assuming we are in a 3000 Cubic feet

other thoughts, I know everyone loves infrasonic, but if it would add too much floor real estate/ add substantial costs, what would be everyone thoughts by augmenting the low end (sub 20hz) with a buttkicker/ transducer?

I'm sure i'll think of something else but thats all i got for now
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