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Dayton APA1200DSP

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Anyone here planning on picking up one or more of these to power a sub? Looks like a great EQ package.
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After the Dayton audio SPA1200DSP fiasco parts express needs to prove that this is a quality reliable product.
They had 5 years to make that one work and they never did!
Power supply caps would leak and swell after only a month and units would blow after a few months.
They pulled them off the market multiple times and the last ones 5 years later were worse than the early ones. This rack version looks a whole lot like the plate ones with the same interface .
Probably the same manufacturer who couldn't design and make one work in 5 years of trying! Just as bad it looks like the same dsp interface which is very clunky, quirky, and buggy.
I think the most frustrating / disappointing thing about the whole fiasco was parts express's tech department.
Whenever someone called them on them they denied any issues and acted like they had no idea what you were talking about. Parts express would have never have handled it that way years ago. With that said, they did give me a refund on them when they gave up and discontinued them.
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It looks like a great product. I’ll wait to see what others say about their DSP.

Or at least release a video of the DSP.

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