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Dayton DVC 12" subwoofer, I need help with this

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hello all

I want to build a subwoofer using either a Dayton DVC 12" or a DVC 15" (haven't ordered yet). I am open to more suggestions in the same price range of 100-150 bucks.

My room isn't that big, its 18' x 12'.

After reading a bunch of the threads about WINISD, i downloaded it but I am no good with this software. I just can't make sense out of all these numbers I get.

now, I'd appreciate it if someone on this forum can help me with the dimensions for the box.

as for my goal for building this sub, I want it to reach at 20htz to 25htz with good volume (sealed or vented, doesn't really matter). I don't know which amp is good for me either so if someone could help me that too, thanks.
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I kinda prefer the Dayton HiFi's in that range, the 15"

is on special now.

Looks really good in a ~4.5ft^3 sealed box, or if you can go bigger, ~9ft^3 vented to 18Hz or so (you can go bigger/deeper, but at the cost of headroom above tuning). Do you have a size restriction? This amp should be cool with either, but you can spend more for more features/power.
thanks for the suggestions jack, but I restricted to about 3cu ft space and I am leaning towards a vented enclosure 'cause it'll give me deeper bass but not as tight as the sealed one but I'll be using it mostly for movies so I will need as much extension as possible.

So what do u think about the dayton RS 12" HF driver in a 3 cuft vented enclosure.

Will I be able to hit 20-25htz at a good amount of volume.
They have a titanic and a hf 12" on the PE auctions right now. VERY cheap.
So what do u think about the dayton RS 12" HF driver in a 3 cuft vented enclosure.
The problem with porting low in a relatively small box is fitting the port. You'd want at least a 4" flared port, and tuning to 20Hz with that diameter in 85L needs ~24" long port. Might work in a tube, haven't worked it out. The 12" HF looks pretty nice in that alignment, though.

Another option is to try a sealed 3ft^3 box, see how it does, and leave room for a port if you want it.
allright, that sounds good; I'll start building the box this monday evening and hopefully the sealed sub will sound good to my ears. now i just gotta buy a cheap plunge router along with a 12" template and some wood glue from Home depot.
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