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Dayton TIT400C-4 15" Titanic Mk III enclosure ?

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I want to build a sealed enclosure, just trying to get the volume in enclosure right. I want it for 70 to 30, music to movies. I want the punch in my music, not just the real low frequencies. And what to power it with, Behringer EP1500 or EP 2500 or just a plate amp. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
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room is no issue. Just trying to get something more than something that is tuned real low for movies. I was thing around 3-4cu ft. would be good, but I don't know for sure. My room is 15x23x8 but does open up to kitchen dining room on 1 whole side.
Sealed boxes arent tuned, you need ported/PR or horn loaded if you are really adventurous.
I was referring to , I don't want just a ported box tuned real low. It leaves out the too much of the 60-85hz range. To me it does anyway. So no volume on enclosure advise. I'm thinking around 3 cu ft should be ok.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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