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I'm thinking about picking up three of these for my L/C/R. Right now I use some low-end mismatched speakers, so these should definitely be an improvement. I have 3 subs, (2 18" sonotubes and a 15" cube.) My HT is in an unfinished basement with no walls. 40% music / 40% movies / 20% games.

My receiver is an Onkyo 674. I assume it won't have a problem with these 4ohm speakers, but I'm not sure

I'm also thinking about ordering the kits w/out the cabinets, which knocks them from $430 to $297 each. I'm not the best woodworker, but $133 x 3 = $399. I already have 1 and 1/2 sheets of MDF laying around, and can probably get screws, liquid nails, etc. for $50 or so. That's some considerable savings, which would be very nice.

They also sell this kit for $455 with curved cabinets. I assume the $25 price difference between the square and curved cabs is just because the curved ones look better? (I do not care whatsoever what they look like, I probably won't even paint the mdf if I build them myself.)

I searched around but haven't seen many reviews on these at all. Any input/thoughts is appreciated. Thanks.
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