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So, I'm in the beginning stages of a HT re-do of my current system.

I've posted a thread on it here:

I've been going back and forth between a tapped horn design and a large ported box design.

This thread is dedicated to the ported box side.

Since the new Dayton Ultimax 18" is available now, what do you guys think about this design?

I've modeled this design in WinISD Pro, but don't have the real world experience to know if it'll work or not.

The design goes like this.


Dayton Ultimax 18"


25.5" Deep

32" Wide

34" High

16.04 Cubic Feet

Tuned to 15Hz via a slot port

The RMS on this driver is 1,000 Watts.

Does this look like it's feasible?

And, would this design work well for music and cinema both?

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Originally Posted by Mr. Electric Wiz  /t/1519933/dayton-ultimax-18-ported-box#post_24410710

Does this look like it's feasible?
It is, but make sure you have sufficient port area so that you don't get chuffing.
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