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Dazian Coated Celtic Cloth v. Draper 1.3

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I just received the Dazian fabric yesterday and did some comparisons to my Draper 1.3 screen. I'm trying to decide on a new screen to mate with my Sharp 12000. There is an older thread that had comparison shots between the Dazian and a Hi-Power, but to me that just doesn't seem like a fair fight. :) Anyways, these should give you a pretty good idea of the differences between the 1.3 gain Draper and the .95 gain Dazian.

I simply stapled the Dazian to my screen frame aperture in my nearly completed theater. I then positioned my fixed frame Draper on the left. Therefore, all shots will have the Draper on the left and the Dazian on the right.

Here we go with some test patterns:






The differences become less apparent with real video and film material:





But again, if the image is set against a large bright background, the differences become more apparent:



All shots were taken with the Sharp 12000 set to high contrast, power save mode. I did not calibrate anything except to set the color temp to 6500.

So what are my initial impression? Well, for starters you can't ignore the cost of the Dazian. It is cheap, cheap, cheap! By itself without direct comparisons being made, it reflects a very pleasing picture. The differences in light output do become apparent however, when you compare it to the slightly higher gain Draper, particularly with the test patterns. I'm not sure if I'd be entirely satisfied with the Dazian at 110" diagonal with the Sharp in High Contrast mode. My dilemma is that I am looking for an acoustically transparent material in order to place the center channel behind the screen. The Dazian's lack of perforations, and thus absence of moire, make it an option worth considering. I'm having a look at a microperfed Firehawk on Monday and will have a better idea of any perforation-related problems then.

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By the way, does anyone know how to get the images to appear within the actual post rather than as links? It's a little easier to make comments that way.

Kirk - thanks for the comparison - I too have been considering some of the Celtic Cloth. A word of caution however - in previous threads it was stated that the Celtic exhibits considerable rolloff in the higher freqs. Have you placed a speaker behind it yet?
I haven't placed a speaker back there yet, but I'll try to get around to it soon and report the results.

I went from a Draper Cineperm 1.3 @106" 16:9 to Dazian CCC at 111" 16:9 and couldn't be happier. Having the speakers behind the screen makes such a dramatic difference that the lower reflectivity of the CCC is worth the sacrifice. I'm going to assume that you calibrated your projector using the Draper. If you were to calibrate your PJ on the CCC you could improve the image you are seeing.

With respect to the Acoustic transparency, I have my LCR and sub(s) behind the screen. There is a slight roll off at the higher frequencies but I have compensated for this by removing the grill from my speakers. I am using Paradigm Monitor 5's and CC-370 and there is a noticable boost in the upper frequencies with the grills removed. With the screen placed in front of the speakers with their grills removed the roll off is slight. I can't of course guarantee that you will achieve similar results with your equipment.
Originally posted by Mancubus
With respect to the Acoustic transparency, I have my LCR and sub(s) behind the screen. There is a slight roll off at the higher frequencies but I have compensated for this by removing the grill from my speakers.
Hi Mancubus - How much distance between the front baffle of your speakers and the back of the screen surface?



my front three are 10 inches from the screen surface.
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