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Hi Guys,

Needed some help.

I am looking at getting Dbox, however as you know the prices are ridiculously high and i am trying to find good/cheap priced seats to fit the actuators in.

Can people recommend me some single home cinema seat brands that would work with dbox?

They should be leather Incline seats. Im not to fussed about high quality leather, all the current brands I've seen such as Fortress, Cinematic, Jaysmar all have high costs like $4k per seat before the dbox costs are even taken into consideration.

Im looking for something around the $2k mark. One thing also is that i am based in UK, so would obviously need the delivery to uk or maybe even the seat being made available in UK already.

I think the biggest prerequisite is that the seat needs a metal frame and it can't be wooden. Plus it would need to be reinforced to handle the dbox motion.

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