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Dcr Tv

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Maybe the wrong forum, but.......

Ok...........here is the plan.

Have Toshiba 27†(5 years old) in bedroom. Have 60†Mits in rec room.

Will replace 60†Mits this summer or fall probably with WD62825 or perhaps, something newer from Mits.

I am looking for a 26†– 30†DCR (digital cable ready – this is a must) TV for the bedroom. I am limited to this size, because it will fit on the dresser where the Toshiba is now located. It must be DCR, because I want to try out the technology before going to the larger size for the rec room.

Price wise, I would like to stay at or around $1000.00 - $1200.00 and keep the weight manageable.

Any suggestions? Am I way off thinking I can get this technology at this low price? I will only be using this for cable card (no STB) digital programming – no HDTV.


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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