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DCT-6200 + Firewire?

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I know I have read about doing this before but I am having some real problems finding an explanation of how to accomplish capturing an MPEG stream of any sort via firewire from a DCT-6200.

I've got everything connected and can use the 6200ch program found in the /contribs section of MythTV without a problem which leads me to believe that with the proper app I should be able to capture an MPEG stream.

Can someone point me to the proper place where I can find these documents again? Thanks for the help, for some reason I just can't get google to give me what I need to do it tonight. :(
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I finally found a lot of stuff both here and on the web but I'm now having a lot of problems getting the capture apps compiled. :/

I'm comfortable with linux but I'm just not a programmer and struggle with debugging compilation problems. I'll keep poking at it and hope it will work one day. :)

Thanks for the response.
From my reading and trying to implement things in Linux and XP,

On the Linux side, there is a way to change the channels on the 620x via the 1394 cable, but I am not able to find software to record. On the XP side, it is easy to record, but no way to change the channel via the 1394 connection.

Is there a plug-in for Myth that will capture the TS stream from firewire and use the 6200ch plug-in to change the channel?

I don't think there is a way to do the channel changes from Windows (via 1394), and none of the front ends will capture the 1394 TS stream.
Originally posted by eobiont
Is there a plug-in for Myth that will capture the TS stream from firewire and use the 6200ch plug-in to change the channel?
I'm looking for this too. If I can't find something I might just start working on it myself. In theory it shouldn't be too hard. Capture should be pretty easy, just save the TS to disk. You could probably rip off code from VideoLan to decode the video assuming MythTV can't decode it on its own (if it can't my guess is that it just needs a little help dealing with headers in the TS). Also, from what I saw from my test runs with Windows, the 6200 either can encode analog channels to MPEG-2, or Comcast (at least in Philly) sends all of their chanels digitally. Eitherway, it would greatly reduce the CPU requirements for encoding.
Firewire support for Mythtv has been checked in to the Myth CVS. It will be in the 0.17 release which is expected this week.

The patch author has a DCT-6200. I have tried it with my 6412 and it works.

A possible libraw1394 bug does cause no-captures in a hit or miss fashion.

See mythtv.org
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