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It started last week when a comcast phone rep had me go in and set it to 720 p. As it should be. I had a problem later, IT CAN"T be related to that I could not get any channels under 100. The guide would show up, just would not go there.

Then a guy came to the house. He knew nothing. He was trying to have me change it to 1080i, even after a senior member on here said 720p, BB and CC said it (which means not much) , but Tweeter said 720p

So it worked for a week. I got no channels last night. Called , luck of the draw, got a good rep on the phone. I have an appt tomorrow, but he told me how to get the menu back on the screen by accessing it on the box.

So now at least I got the menu working got it to where I can get all HD channels and over 100, but now none of the channels are gotten under 100 OR even show up in the Comcast TV Guide on screen

Can u help. They are coming tomorrow. But I really think it is a setting and they are not needed.

Thanks in advance for your help

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