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DD and DTS stuttering on Denon receiver with Audigy 2

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I'm having a hard time getting my Denon 5800 receiver to lock in on the DD and DTS signals from the digital out of the Audigy 2 sound card.

PCM stereo works fine, tho.

I *think* I have everything set the way it should be...SPDIF Passthrough selected in the Creative Audio HQ, and SPDIF out selected in the player.

I've used WinDVD 4 and now TheaterTek 2.01 with the same results.

My receiver senses both DD and DTS, but it can't hold it stable...getting very choppy audio and the DD and DTS lights on the receiver flicker.

I verified DMA was on...using Ultra DMA 2 Mode 5 on the secondary IDE channel where an Asus 16X DVD-Rom drive is connected.

I have the EAX4DRV Audigy 2 1.84.50 drivers installed.

I've tried a couple of different cables, but it didn't make a difference there.

Right now I'm using a coax cable with RCA to F-connector adapters plugged into a mono mini-jack to female RCA which I've plugged into the digital out on the Audigy 2. It's about a 15 foot run, if that makes a difference.

My computer is a Dell 2.2GHz, 637MB RAM, nVidia FX-5200 graphics card, and I have the onboard sound and video disabled. I just disabled the wireless network card, too.

This should be a quick enough computer for DVD video and audio playback, shouldn't it??


EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm running XP Home with Service Pack 2.
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No ideas?

If I can't get this resolved, I'm thinking of getting the Chaintek card, but would like to know if the problem is really the sound card or elsewhere.

Some things for you to try. Do you have the audio cables connected from your dvd drive to your audigy? What operating system do you have? You shouldn't need to have any extra cables connected to your audigy. Also what version of the audigy 2 do you have such as the zs, or platinum versions etc... First uninstall all of creative's crappy bloated software. If you have any unused pci slots on your computer. If you can try to install your soundcard in another pci slot. Reinstall only the software that you need from creative. Then update your creative software. Check your speaker settings. Under advanced you should be able to choose digital only. You can check out the audiohq settings under device controls. digital decode... digital input. For some reason for me iF I changed it from default or digital in decode to bypass, things would work. normally it would be in default, and things would work fine. But every now, and then I'd have to switch back, and forth to make it work properly. Also for me I only have one rca coax cable connected to my receiver. On the side that is connected to the audigy i have a mono rca to a mono 1/8 jack adapter. Do you really have a f type connector on your coax cable?
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I don't have any cables from the DVD to sound card connected.

I'm running Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2, and it's a plain Audigy 2.

I just got done wiping out the Creative software and re-installing the drivers....didn't help.

Speaker settings are set to Digital only and in Audio HQ it's set to SPDIF passthrough.

Only thing I haven't tried is moving the card to another slot.

And yes, I'm using a RCA to F-connector adapter on a coax cable....and a RCA to 1/8" mono just like you.

Here's the adapter I'm using on the coax cable:

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Well, this disappeared into the bowels of the forum rather quickly.

Bumping this up one more time in the hopes someone might have some insight on this.

I went ahead and ordered the Chaintech 710, so hopefully that will work better for me.

Had the same issue... The problem was solved by changing the graph by replacing default direct sound with wave out... one is used for analogue and the other for digital sound...
Not sure I understand what you're saying...where exactly is this done?

In Creative's Audio HQ? I can't seem to find any options for default direct sound or wave out.

Ok, I realized you were talking about the Audio settings in TheaterTek.

I still get the stuttering no matter what Audio Device I select as long as I'm using SP/DIF. If I switch the output to Stereo or Dolby Pro-Logic, then it's ok. Guess I'll muddle through with Dolby Pro-Logic for now.

The Chaintech AV710 I ordered will be able to give me true DD5.1 and DTS through SP/DIF, correct??

Thanks for your response.

JGL, interesting and disturbing problem. I'm trying to do something similar to what you're doing, with the added annoyance of wanting games to work. I was going to try the Audigy 2 ZS, but if the Audigy 2 isn't much different, I might have to rethink my plans as well. Please let us know whether the chaintech fixes the problem. Good luck!
I've got the Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro, and had the same problems on one of the audio settings of TheaterTek 2. Changed it to whatever one is bottom of the list on TT's options, and all is well with SP/DIF output.
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