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Ok, here is my issue. Any help would be GREAT.

I cannot get my mkv/WMV files to play in DD 5.1.

I'm using Tversity setup with my PS3 following these instructions:


I have an mkv file with the audio originally encoded in DTS. After researching why i couldnt get the audio to play in DTS, I realized that it can not be supported when it is in an mpeg file format. I used


to encode the mkv to a m2ts. I deleted the "s" to end up with .m2t. This also encoded the audio from DTS to AC3. But when I stream it to the ps3, I get nothing but stereo.

Even when I stream WMV files coded with audio coded in WMA, I still only get stereo, not DD 5.1

Do I need to mess with the codecs?

Help would be so much appreciated.

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Originally Posted by GumboChief /forum/post/14230593

I have an mkv file made up of H.264 video and 5.1 AC3 audio.

Tversity only punches out the stereo track.

I think this is just a limitation in tversity.

Well, I just used tsmuxer to change the container to .m2ts, and now tvsersity can stream it just fine.

All I did in tversity was rename it to .m2t and turned video transcode off.

PS3 shows 5.1 sound, and I confirmed the audio is coming through speakers.
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