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DD-EX and DTS- ES opinions...

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I'm working with a 5.1 system though with my Onkyo receiver i'm capable of 6.1.

For those of you with 6.1 setups how much difference does it make to have a "back" channel?? Do you have any favorite discs and scenes from those discs that really show off the effects of a back channel?

I'd be curious for your input? Thanks in advance!!!
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For a listing of software look here .

The back channel 'completes' the 360 degree surround circle for me. Sounds excellent on EX/ES encoded material and decent to good for non-EX stuff that doesn't collapse the rear surround in EX mode.

Star Wars comes to mind, Blade II, Lord of the Rings:All.

I just upgraded to 6.1 from 5.1 and it is a nice effect. There are issues with localization with having just one rear center, but so far I haven't really experienced it. Gladiator has a DTS-ES track that is pretty good. There's a scene where a guy is swinging a mace on a chain and you can hear it going around the room as he's swinging it.
I have a 5.1 digital processor that I rigged with a Parasound CSE 6.1 (basically just a DPL/Circle Surround processor), to get 6.1 (or 7.1, whatever you want to call it).

Maybe it's because it's not the highest quality way to do it, or perhaps I messed up with the calibration, or maybe I don't have the proper space for it, but although I can tell a difference when it's engaged, it's subtle at most. And often the effect works just as well with a good recent 5.1 encoded disc as it does with a DD-EX or DTS-ES track. Of course, I'm willing to concede that with better equipment or a better space I might get a better effect.

I've never been the huge fan of the Star Wars 1 & 2 EX tracks as most on the board. They are good tracks, but IMO, the most effective "extended" tracks that come to mind are: The Haunting DTS, Blade II, T2, ROTK, Final Destination 2, Master & Commander, JP III, The Perfect Storm & The Texas Chainsaw Mre (2003).

I would test and consider a bit before you upgrade just to get 6/7.1. Especially consider your space. If your seating is backed up against a wall, the upgrade may be very limited.
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