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DD12 and HGS12

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I have an older HGS12 sub that i want to daisy chain to my DD12 when it comes back from repairs. Couple of questions:

1. Should I leave the x-over switch in the OUT position since I'm using the receiver's x-over of 80?

2. I have one cable running from the Denon 5803 sub out to the DD12 but split into 2 cables into the DD12 and than one cable from the DD12 using the pass through out to the HGS12. Is this correct?

3. I think I read in the DD12 manual that when daisy chaining the DD series to another sub I need to run a r232 cable into the other sub but the HGS12 doesn't have this input? This would be to control the volume on the HGS12 from the DD12?

4. Finally when I get the DD12 back how would I run the EQ? Both subs together or one at a time?

Thanks very much for your help

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