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De-fungus without removing your tubes using dental floss!

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I recently defungused a 1031q 's red and green tube without removing the tubes. I got the idea from another thread but did it a bit differently. This is what I came up with:

Materials needed: dental floss, syringe, 100%silicone. I used a a syringe from ink refilling kit.
  • Just set it on it's base flat. remove one of the filling hole screws out and poke a pin through it to make sure it's open. This will let air in.
  • Stick a syringe in between the metal and the glass gap, through the silicone seal. Do this in a lower corner so you can get all the glycol out. Don't worry, it won't leak when you pull the syringe out. Filter and save the glycol if you will be reusing it.
  • You can slice through the silicone seal with some strong dental floss. It works great and it's a whole lot easier than using a razor knife around the tight areas.
  • Clean the glass and tube faces very well. Also make sure the filling hole is clean. Remove any silicone residue.
  • Place a bead of silicone around the metal and press the glass over it. Use a piece of duct tape to keep the glass from sliding down.
  • Wait at least one full day, 24 hours, NO LESS!
  • Refill glycol through filling hole. Replace filling hole screw.

Doing it this way, and you can have the glycol out and the glass off the tube in 5 minutes!
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An easy, quick and economic method! Excellent!

Thanks cheez.

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