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Dead Fujitsu - Advice Please

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It has been a while since I posted and I have been doing searches before this post.

My Fujitsu 5001, bought 2.5 years ago wouldn't turn on this morning. I have done a power reset on it and still nothing. When I turn it on, the fans start for a moment and then the power light truns from green to flashing red and then nothing.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe one of the fans have a problem and the POST stops it from coming on. In the past, there were posts about people getting different / quieter fans for this plasma, but I can not find any of those old posts. Can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement fan? Or is there something else I can check? I need to get a friend over here to help me take it down and take the back off to see if my fan theory is correct.

Thanks for any advice.

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Another reason the fans stop is that the power-on check detected another

problem and shut the unit down causing the fans to stop. Call your dealer

and ask how to proceed with service. Do the 5001s have the1/3yr

warranty like the newer models?

I just had a friend over and we took the plasma down. I looked at the fans as I turned it on and they were all moving. My only guess turned out to not be correct.

I only have the 1 yr. warrenty which I used after a different problem developed at 6 months. Now I have to wait till Monday for the local service department to be open. I also called the Fujitsu service department in NJ and they are also only open M-F.

This really throws a wrench into my Superbowl party plans.
Honestly, I would not be too worried about it. Most likely one of the chips on one of the boards has failed. As soon as a failure is detected, the system shuts down and the front light blinks in red. The pattern of blinks indicates what is wrong with the unit. Did you check the pattern of blinks against the diagnosis table in your manual?

Fujitsu will likely have replacement parts sent out to your dealer on Monday as soon as you report the problem. If your dealer is good, they should pick the unit up on Tuesday and the replacements should be there Tuesday or Wednesday. If you can get your dealer to fix it on Thursday, you should get it back Friday, still in time for the Super Bowl.

Good luck, and keep us posted.


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MarketingProf, thanks for the words of encouragement. No, I didn't check the blinking lights against the manual. Actually, didn't even think of it.

There is a local dealer here that was open today so I dropped it off. Hopefully he will call today and tell me if I can expect to have it by SB Sunday.

On another note, since it is a nice day today (63 Degrees) I thought I would take my motorcycle for a spin and to get it cleaned. More bad luck, I have a flat. Found a nail in her and it was a slow leak.

Now I am afraid to look at anything else today!

Go directly to bed. Do not pass Go, do not interact with any other electro-mechanical equipment.

Go to sleep my man. On morrow you will wake to fight another day, to fight the good fight.

morrow, my friend, morrow...
Just wanted to post an update. The repair center said that it is a bad scan drive board and they expect the part to be here by Friday or Saturday. That means my Superbowl party is still on!!!!

Got my fingers crossed.

Thanks for the moral support.
The Final Bill.

If anyone is interested, the conclusion to my "No Plasma for the Super bowl Party" problem was a bad scan drive. The tech told me it was the one that handles the Horizontal Scan lines. I was the part and it was much bigger than a modern day PC motherboard. The part was $1314.78. With tax and labor, my total was $1631.81.

Does anyone know if that is normal price for that part? It was my first time doing business with this company and I know they only sell their plasmas for retail.


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They replaced the entire board rather than performing a component level repair?


What was the warranty when you bought it? 2.5 years ago would still be good on the P42 I purchased in June of this year which has a 3 yr warranty on the electronics.

Wow, one repair at 6 months and a major repair at 2.5 years!!

I hope my plasma has a better track record than this.

From my understanding, Fujitsu has one of the best if not the best service records of an flat panel company. Of course things can go wrong, but that is what the 1 year 3 year warranty is for with 1 year extra credit card. There will Always be occurances, heck my Honda Accord self destructed after the warranty (just at 45K miles) ... and all I ever heard was ... Hondas were not suposed to do that...and I said, well it did.
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