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Deal from DishNet for current customers

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I am a current DishNet subscriber and I got them to give me the 6000U receiever, 8VSB off air adapter, second dish and install for $199.

Since they finally started providing an HD package with ESPN HD and they also offer CBS HD, I decided to stick with them rather that switch to DirecTV for $399. The deal isn't quite as good as what some DirecTV customers are getting to stay with DirecTV but at least they are trying to provide comparable deals. I think, in the end, my monthly bills will be a few buck cheaper too.

One warning though to current Dish customers, you have to haggle for quite a long time to work a deal like this. I spent quite a long time on the phone threatening to switch to DirecTV.
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Great to hear.

Price seems to be varying between $99 and $199 depending on who you talk to inclusive of 8VSB, second DISH, and install. It's heavily covered in a thread in 'HDTV Programming':


None of those posts mentions getting a second dish installed. "Installing" a receiver is not a big deal. Getting the second dish with install along with the receiever and 8VSB seemed like a nice package for $199. Without the second dish I may have leaned toward DirecTV.
The deal includes any installation that is required to "see" all necessary satellites. For a 6000 to recieve all HD programming this includes 110 & 119 via Dish500 and 61.5 or 148 via a DISH300. After Sept 22 all of the promotional details were ironed out and the CSR's were notified, and you shouldn't have any problems getting the promotion for at least $199 as long as they have 6000's still in stock.

As I was under the "exclusive" customer list (just ask) I got it for $149 with no additional programming commitment. Included Model 6000 w/ 8VSB wired to a new room, SW64 switch, legacy Twin LNB, and even removed my old dish to the 119 which I no longer needed. BTW my 6000u was brand new.

This deal is a no-brainer, really.

If HD programming moves to the new 105 then I'm sure they will upgrade HD customers to SuperDish and DishPro.

even though you were promised the 8vsb adapter with your 6000 , you need to call them again and pay $8.95. Most csr will just say that it is coming , just say no I will pay for the shipping. It's a great deal but they sure make you work for it.
Does anyone know what cables come with the 6000U? Component video? Optical or coax for digital audio? I want to make sure I am ready for the installation.
It does come with Component. I think it also came with RCA Analog Audio/Composite cables too. I don't think that it came with Toslink cables. It may have included a S-Video cable too.
It does include the S video but no Toslink
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